Lube Station Oil Dispensing System

Customisable, heavy duty oil stores which dispense oils and lubricants on remote mining, construction, defence and excavation sites.

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Easily store and dispense lubricants on remote working sites.

The customisable lube station oil dispensing system works as both a storage and distribution unit, smoothly dispensing liquids to cut out hours of laborious work maneuvering heavy drums and hoses.

This automatic oil dispensing system dramatically reduces contamination and workplace safety risks, whilst its relocatable design maximises the portability of lubricants.

With pressure relief apparatus, segregated compartments, non-slip flooring, first aid storage and optimised ventilation, the oil dispensing system is fully compliant with relevant Australian Standards (AS1940-2004).

Fabricated for the mining, construction, defence and earth moving industries, Lubemasta lube stations are built for equipment longevity.

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Product Features


Fully customisable solutions

LM850 storage cabinet
lsf08 storage container

After sales support

STOREMASTA have dedicated field specialists who are trained lubricant consultants available to assist Lubemasta customers any time at any location.

  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Authentic parts repair or replacement
  • Improvement in operator training and efficiency


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