Emergency Showers and Eyewash Equipment

Every workplace must provide first aid equipment such as safety showers and eyewash stations that can easily be accessed and used by workers.  It is a mandatory requirement of the Australian WHS Regulations that the nature of the work you carry out (as well as the different hazards present at the worksite) will determine the first aid equipment you need to use. 

This eBook focuses on emergency eyewash and shower equipment, written to help you select and install an emergency wash station that will best serve the unique hazards present at your own worksite — especially if you use or carry hazardous chemicals.

This eBook will include:

  • Importance of conducting a risk assessment before selecting and installing emergency wash equipment
  • Step-by-step procedure on how to use decontamination equipment during an emergency
  • Critical differences between eyewash equipment and emergency showers
  • Installation essentials including the ’10 second rule’
  • Mandatory signage, tagging, and testing specifications
  • Ongoing training recommendations for workers and site personnel 

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